The FirstBank Naira Credit Card (NCC) is an international credit card that provides an evolving credit line and offers up to 45 interest-free days on utilised funds.

Card Information


Interest is calculated on the outstanding balance on your credit card i.e. after making the minimum repayment, 2.5 % interest is calculated on the unpaid balance.

Investment holders (Fixed Deposit, Treasury Bills & CASA) who are ready to use their investment as collateral for cash backed NCC. 120% of availed credit limit is to be liened throughout the tenor of the card.

The Platinum Naira Credit Card is the premium version of the NCC card variant.

A credit limit of N1,000,000 and above qualifies you for a Platinum Naira Credit Card which affords you more premium benefits.


  • Issuance fee – N1,000
  • Purchase fee (POS, Internet) – Free
  • Web fee – Free
  • ATM withdrawal fee – 3%
  • Card Replacement Fee – N1,000
  • Interest Fee and Insurance – All in charge of 3.5% (interest + insurance) applies on unpaid amount

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