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All vendors interested in conducting business with FirstBank must complete the Vendor Disclosure form in order to be considered for partnership.

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Please send an email to with details of the PO number and the issue about the delay. Supplier can also send an email to this mailbox immediately after delivery is made or service is completed stating PO number, Branch and attach signed off delivery note/job completion.

1. FirstBank payment terms are within 30days from date of  invoice submission on iSupplier (provided there are no errors that require invoice re-submission).                               
2. The supplier needs to raise and submit their invoices online via iSupplier portal to enable our payment team process the  payment (No hardcopy invoice submission).
Please contact via email if you encounter any challenge in invoice submission.

For iSupplier:
1. Input username and use the login assistance for password reset
2. If username is forgotten and any other challenge/issue, please send an email to  (Please also attach screenshot of error message).

A proposal can be submitted to

KPIs are key Performance Indicators. These are indicators/measures used to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of our suppliers. Key performance indicators/measures are clearly stated in all contracts and SLAs. 
Examples of KPIs are delivery timeline, quality of goods and service, response time for Issue resolution just to name a few.

Suppliers should consult with FirstBank business relationship team on trade products for hardware purchases or obtain NOTAP licenses for software purchases to ensure minimal consequence/impact from FX changes.

Issuance of WHT credit note is the exclusive to FIRS.  FIRS has automated the process and suppliers can now access this information through the FIRS portal. Suppliers may also need to visit FIRS to perfect their registration on the platform.

Notifications are from the FIRS portal which is managed by the FIRS.  FirstBank duly remits tax deducted from suppliers’ transactions with the FIRS.

The law requires deduction of 1% stamp duty on contracts. This will be applicable as a deduction from the ex-vat invoice value.

To assure that our suppliers still have the requisite capability and experience to deliver on quality goods and services that meet the requisite FirstBank standards

Suppliers are still required to formally disclose same; however, Tax clearance certificate, Copy of CAC Certified Status ReportOEM License/ partnership status are renewed/paid annually.

Most of our Foreign partners now have local partners that we engage with directly. Local partners are required to submit the documentation requested.

We require compliance from all our suppliers to continue the relationship with FirstBank.


Yes and suppliers would need to commit to submitting the documents within the timeline approved.

This annual exercise is expected to occur every second quarter of each year. Suppliers would always be advised of the revalidation exercise date when scheduled.

Suppliers are required to submit the documents showing the changes made by CAC and formally request for a change by sending an email to

Annual Tax clearance certificate, Copy of CAC Certified Status Report, OEM partnership license and partnership status/ MEMART (Change in Directors).

Formal Letter
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (GMD/CEO) of First Bank of Nigeria Limited & Subsidiaries
Chief Audit Executive (CAE),
Chief Compliance Officer
Group Head, Internal Control and Enhancement Group
Phone Service
Chief Audit Executive on 08127166777
Chief Compliance Officer on 09070366415
Group Head, Internal Control and Enhancement Group on    09070366416
Chairman, Board Credit Committee on 09070288148
Chairman, Board Audit Committee on 09070288147
Web Service
Dedicated whistle blowing e-mail:
Electronically log on to and click on the whistleblowing portal to report the misconduct.
Directly to the CBN on e-mail address:

Annual Tax clearance certificate, Copy of CAC Certified Status Report, OEM partnership license and partnership status/ MEMART (Change in Directors).

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