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FirstBank is live on Chat Banking on WhatsApp.

Chat Banking on WhatsApp
by FirstBank

Getting started with WhatsApp Chat Banking

FirstBank is live on Chat Banking on WhatsApp. With FirstBank on Whatsapp, customers can stay First at not just chat banking on WhatsApp or staying connected with friends and loved ones, but also keeping in touch with your bank anytime and anywhere.

Banking with FirstBank on WhatsApp is secure, reliable and convenient as customers can generate WhatsApp banking PIN and all transaction authentications carried out using a safe link, which ensures the security of one’s banking details.

The FirstBank whatsapp banking platform has diverse functions ranging from; Onboarding, Check Balance, send money, Pay Bills, Airtime purchase to Data purchase. To get started, add FirstBank on Whatsapp with 08124444000 and just say “Hi” to us. Remember to ensure that your WhatsApp number is the same number registered with the Bank.


  1. Opt in by accepting the Terms and Conditions
  2. Provide your account number
  3. Validate using your debit card
  4. Setup your WhatsApp PIN
  5. Do your first transaction

You can:

  1. Check your balance>
  2. Send Money (Self & Others)
  3. Pay Bills
  4. Buy Airtime & Data
  5. Generate your Mini-Statement (Coming Soon)
  1. Check Balance – N10.00 (Delivered via SMS)
  2. Send Money (Others) – N52.50 (VAT Inclusive)
  3. Pay Bills – N52.50 – N105.00 (VAT Inclusive)

You can easily transact from your personal Naira accounts. Domiciliary, corporate and joints accounts are not available on WhatsApp Chat Banking.

WhatsApp Chat Banking is secure and encrypted. Your transactions are done over a secure link, so your privacy is guaranteed. During on-boarding, you’ll need to setup a WhatsApp Chat Banking PIN to securely confirm your transactions.

Here are a few reasons why you may be unable to onboard to WhatsApp Chat Banking:

  1. You provided an account that is not permitted on WhatsApp Chat Banking.
  2. The card linked to your account has expired.
  3. The WhatsApp profile (phone number) you’re using is not the same number on which you receive SMS notifications.
  4. You do not an active internet connection.

Not a problem. Simply reset your PIN by selecting the ‘Settings’ option then select ‘Reset PIN’ You’ll need your debit card linked to your account to reset your PIN.


Yes you can. Just select the ‘Settings’ option then select ‘Change PIN’. You’ll need to provide the old PIN to change to a new PIN. If you have forgotten the old PIN, you may use the ‘Reset PIN’ option.


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