Online Security

Keep your account safe from fraudsters and stay updated on every transaction or changes made on your account and with these services.

Product Variations


FirstAlert is a 24/7 e-banking service that keeps you informed on recent changes made to your bank account via e-mail or mobile phone and is automatically available to all FirstBank customers.

There are two types of alert services, the e-mail alert – message sent to your e-mail address as the transactions occur, at no cost to you and SMS alert- message to your mobile phone as the transactions occur, at a subsidized cost of N4.00.


  • Email Alert
    • Account Balances: Daily, weekly, or monthly.
    • Account Alerts: On every Debit and Credit.
    • Standing Order Alerts.
    • MasterCard Credit Card Balance Alert.
    • Returned Cheques Alert.
  • SMS Alert
    • Account Alerts: On every Debit and Credit.


  • Immediate notification of transactions.
  • Keeps you informed of activities on account 24/7 availability.


Token are security application/device that generates security code used as second-factor authentications for transactions. There is the hard token and the soft token; the hard token is a physical device that customer can use to generate security codes, while the soft token is an app that can be downloaded on your phones and used for generating the security code.

Customer can visit the branch to get the physical token or download the soft token from their respective phone stores.


  • The app once downloaded and activated can work offline
  • The app mandate customer to input a 4-digit pin before a transaction code is generated
  • The codes generated have a display period of 30secs.


Download the mobile app from any of these app stores for your mobile device- Apple AppStore, Blackberry World, and Google Play.

To access the FirstToken Mobile App, you need to do the following.

*** Other Stores will be available in future release.

Visit any of our branches, fill the token activation form and the activation code and serial no will be made available to you.

This code is the registration code that you will give back to the Customer service officer in the branch. This will be used to activate the FirstToken App on your mobile device. Please note that the registration code generated will only be shown once i.e. the first time you input your serial no. and activation code

 Yes, the FirstToken Mobile app is very secure. This App is secured because after inputting the serial no and activation code, you will be prompted to register a 4-digit PIN that will always be used to access the application on your mobile device. It is important that you keep the PIN confidential and do not share with anyone else.


You cannot use both token types. You will need to deactivate the hardware token if you are interested in using the soft token app.


Do a mail to Firstcontact  for a PIN reset. In your mail, the following information will be required: your user id, your challenge code (this is a code generated by the App when a wrong pin has been inputted up to 4 times)


For support on token related issues, send an email to our contact centre (FirstContact) on 01-4485500 and 07080625000

The daily limit set on the internet banking platform applies here.

The token device is used to validate all types of funds transfer and bills payment

As long as you have the App on your mobile device.

Yes, the token works anywhere in the world

Yes, one token can be linked to all operative accounts in the bank

The activation of the FirstToken can be processed within 10 minutes at any First bank branch.

No. Each token is tied to your account only and cannot work on another account because the code is constantly changing and is unique to your token, no-one but you will have the code needed to access your accounts.

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