Ria Money Transfer

With RIA Money Transfer, enjoy the convenience of receiving money from abroad directly to your bank account in Naira.

Product Information


You can contact our Money Transfer Department via mail on Money_Transfer_Department@firstbanknigeria.com.  

Alternatively, you can call 019057125, 019057144, 019057122, 019057142

A “No match found” transaction could occur as a result of the following:

  • Wrong MTCN
  • Stale Transfer
  • Already paid Transfer.

Contact your Sender to investigate with Ria international money transfer

FirstBank does not determine the rate of conversion for the transactions. The rates are automated on the software and are not customized for manipulation by the Bank.

FirstBank has dedicated centers spread across the country that offer Money Transfer services on weekends and public holidays from the hours of 10am – 3pm.

How can I receive Ria if I do not want to receive cash?

You can receive directly into your bank account by giving the sender your account number.

The operator keeps the original copy of the form as a proof that the customer visited the location and the transfer was not paid based on the reason(s) annotated on the form.

You cannot send funds as a company or to a company. The CBN policy states that the outbound service is strictly on “a person to person basis”. No business transactions are allowed.

We will automatically create tier one domiciliary account for remittance into Naira account and remit your funds in the new account. 

Yes, all beneficiaries of international money transfer are eligible for this promo and would remove 5 Naira for every dollar received through their FirstBank account. This incentive payment is valid until discontinuation by the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

There is no limit on the amount to be received. 

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