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Open a FirstDiaspora Account today and enjoy a safe, convenient and home-away-from-home experience through every transaction you make.

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Do you have a friend, colleague or family etc. currently residing outside the country (Non-Resident Nigerian) who has a FirstBank account or interested in operating an account(s) with FirstBank from their location?

Kindly provide their details to enable us to reach out to them.


FirstDiaspora is an offering from first bank which is specially designed for Nigerians living abroad  by providing them a platform to have easy access to a wide range of products and services that will take care of their banking needs.

Any Nigerian living abroad can open a FirstDiaspora account and enjoy all its benefits.

Our array of products and services include but not limited to:

  • FirstDiaspora Savings Account
  • FirstDiaspora Savings Plus Account.
  • FirstDiaspora Kids First Account (for Kids 0-12years)
  • FirstDiaspora Current Account.
  • FirstDiaspora Term or Fixed Deposit Account (in NGN, USD, GBP and EUR)
  • FirstDiaspora Domiciliary Account (in USD, GBP, EUR and CFA)
  • FirstDiaspora Corporate Account. (in NGN, USD, GBP and CFA)
  • E- Channel Offerings e.g Online Banking, Mobile Banking, E-mail alerts etc.
  • Transfers, Standing Orders
  • Account Reactivation
  • Migration of existing accounts
  • Treasury Bills
  • Advisory Services, etc.

The following documents are required to open any regular FirstDiaspora account.

a. Duly filled account opening form

b. Duly filled E-mail Indemnity form.

c. Two Passport photographs showing full face forward with a bright background.

d. Valid Proof of Identification of the signatory (Please see below list of valid means of ID):

  • Nigerian International Passport
  • Nigeria Driver’s license
  • Nigeria Voters ID card
  • Foreign passport (if place of birth is Nigeria)
  • Residence or Work permit (if nationality is Nigeria.

e. Documentary evidence of Foreign Address. The Foreign address of the applicant must be clearly stated on the preferred proof of address. Examples of ideal proof of address include but not limited to:

  • Current utility bill not exceeding 3 months
  • Foreign Bank statement
  • Foreign driver’s license
  • Purchase invoice or Receipt
  • Tenancy agreement /rent receipt
  • Letter from Multinational, Oil and Gas, Energy companies (a lot of these companies do provide accommodations for their expatriates as part of their relocation packages).

f. Two (2) Nigerian bank references from current or corporate account holders in any Nigerian bank

         *for current, domiciliary and corporate accounts only

g.  BVN (Bank Verification Number) – A unique bank identification number.

h. Attestation/Notarization of the ID card and Proof of Address at any of the centers below:

  • Notary Public/court/ lawyer/Solicitor
  • Nigerian Embassy/High commission/Consulate in your country.
  • Your Foreign bankers
  • Police Station.
  • Government Security Agencies.
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Director of Students Affairs (if customer is a student)
  • Our Rep Office staff or First Bank staff that knows customers.

BVN is an acronym for Bank Verification Number. It is a unique identification number that all Nigerian account holders and intending ones, irrespective of your bank, must enroll for as stipulated by CBN. Your unique features such as picture, finger prints, Valid ID card and other important details will be taken during registration exercise  so it is important that you are physically present.

To enroll for the Bank Verification Number (BVN) exercise, kindly visit https://nibss-plc.com.ng/bvn/#enrollment-1 for details of enrolment centers in the Diaspora, enrolment can equally be done in Nigeria during your visit. Also be informed that intending  FirstDiaspora customers can open Diaspora accounts without BVN however, the BVN has to be provided as soon as possible to allow the customer operate the account fully. BVN is only done once.

Yes, you can operate the same account as a FirstDiaspora account but you will have to convert the account to a FirstDiaspora account and update your current foreign details by filling the necessary forms and providing a notarized copy of your Valid ID card and Proof of Address as stated above in option 4. 

The copies should be scanned and sent via email to diasporabanking@firstbanknigeria.com while the hard copies should be sent to our Diaspora Department situated at First bank head office, 2nd floor, No 35 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos state, Nigeria. 

You can access your account from abroad through any of the following channels

a. ATM Cards: Through our Naira master cards, Dollar Visa debit card and prepaid cards, you can access your naira and/or dollar accounts through ATMs, POS and WEB anywhere in the world.

b. Online banking: Access your account online real time, 24 hours of the day through our internet banking option and transfer funds within any bank in Nigeria, pay your bills, set up standing orders and do much more. However, a physical token device will be required for effective transfers and bill payments.

c. Mobile banking: Access your account through your phone by downloading our safe and secure app and follow the steps to register your account (Conditions apply).

d. Email alert: Get alert notification via email or sms alert once any transaction is done on your account.

Yes, you can open any type of first diaspora account whenever you are in Nigeria but you must provide a copy of your foreign proof of address and valid ID. The first bank staff will attest the originals at the point of opening the account.

Yes, you can open a diaspora corporate account conveniently. In addition to the above requirements, you will also provide all the registered documents given to you at the time of registering the company with CAC in Nigeria, Board Resolution, TIN (tax identification number) and 2 valid references from a corporate account holder in any bank in Nigeria. You can contact our office for more information via the contact details in option 22 or send a mail to diasporabanking@firstbanknigeria.com

Yes, you can visit any first bank rep offices if available in your location for the sighting and attestation of your documents and onward submission to the diaspora office in Lagos.

You can fund your diaspora account via:

  • Direct transfer from any CBN recognized money transfer operators and/or from your foreign bank accounts to both your naira and Dom account In Nigeria
  • Direct cash or cheque lodgment to your account from any first bank branch in Nigeria by a third party.
  • Fund transfer from any account holder or third party via any bank in Nigeria.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can transfer from abroad to any type of FirstDiaspora account you open. The account can take any amount.

Yes, FirstBank has a daily limit of 1M Naira per day on individual account and 10 M Naira per day on corporate account with the use of token device. However, you can increase the limit by filling an online limit increase indemnity form to the amount of your choice.

Internet banking access and email alerts are profiled for new accounts by default while existing customers can fill out the required forms after the existing account has been migrated to the FirstDiaspora account. Your internet log in details (user ID and password) are confidential and sent directly  to your registered email with the bank however you can reach us through First contact or via our email in case of any delay.

A FirstDiaspora customer can apply for visa card (for dollar account), master card (for naira account), prepaid cards and Token device by filling the ATM Card/ Token application form and sending a scanned copy to diaspora email address for further processing.

Your ATM card and token will be dispatched to your registered address abroad via DHL at a cost. Also note that you can equally pick up the ATM card and token during your visit to Nigeria. 

Depending on the type of card the customer wants, he can either get a third party ( with indemnity in place for third party activation) to activate the card  on his behalf before dispatch or the card and pin must be dispatched separately for security reasons.

Yes, you can easily get a replacement card or token by filling the necessary forms and paying the associated cost for such a replacement.

There are no charges associated with converting your existing account to a diaspora account. However, there is a minimum balance requirement of 5,000 Naira for all Diaspora Savings account. See more features and benefits of our various accounts on our website.

The tax forms are made up of three forms which are (FATCA, Account Opening form Supplement and the Tax self-certification forms for individual accounts). Customers living in America must fill all three forms while other regions fill all forms except the FATCA form. This is now required by FIRS tax body In Nigeria who is a member country of the international body for tax rendition called Common Reporting standard CRS to ensure that eligible customers living abroad also pays their taxes. 

More information is stated in the form.

To set up your mobile app, kindly ensure you have a valid ATM card (master card or verve card) and receive email or SMS alert notification on your registered email address or phone number with the bank. If you still do not receive the OTP to your phone as SMS, you can apply to receive the OTP to your email address by filing out the Email OTP indemnity form in the form section on this webpage  and forward the filled form to any of the email addresses below in the last  FAQ option.

  • Stamp duty charge on every transaction above 10,000 – This is a CBN stipulated charge for any credit into savings or current account above =N=10,000. The stamp duty charge is only chargeable for any credit into your account and not cash paid out, it costs 50 Naira for each cash received.
  • VAT on fees – Every commission / fee taken by the Bank is subject to 7.5% VAT as stipulated by the Nigerian government.
  • NMC Card Maintenance- This is a CBN stipulated charge of 50 naira charged quarterly for ATM card holders (verve or Mastercard) and 10 USD annual fee on visa multicurrency card.
  • Account Maintenance Charge- AMC is new acronym for COT and it is 1% of the total amount withdrawn from a current account monthly.
  • FIP Charges – This is a CBN stipulated charge for transfers to other banks (50k and above cost 52.50k) (between 10k and =N=49,999 cost 26.88k ) and  ( amount less than 10k cost 10.75k).

You can open diaspora account through the portal on our website or through OIS BVN registration center in your country however both processes are still on-going for now and should be concluded before end of 2021.

You can send a mail to the email addresses or call the numbers below. You can equally Log your enquiries, complaints, feedback and suggestions in the section provided on our website.



Phone number1 …. +23419051349

Phone number2 …. +23419052743

Phone number 3……+23419052700.

Also contact us via the following email addresses depending on your country of residence.

  1. Diasporabankingeurope@firstbanknigeria.com (for customers in the United Kingdom and other European region)
  2. Diasporabankingamericas@firstbanknigeria.com (for customers in America and Canada region)
  3. Diasporabankingaaa@firstbanknigeria.com (for customers in Africa , Asia , Australia/ New Zealand region)

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