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At First Bank of Nigeria Limited (FirstBank) and/or its Subsidiaries (FBNBank), we put you first and are thus committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect, process, share and manage data about you (our customers and other natural persons where applicable).

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This Cookie Policy describes what cookies are, how FirstBank and/or FBNBank uses them on the applicable digital channels and what benefits they bring.

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First Bank of Nigeria Limited Privacy Policy Statement on the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

This web site is administered by First Bank of Nigeria Limited (‘FirstBank’)

This policy statement shall apply to the processing of personal data obtained from the data subjects as defined in the GDPR

FirstBank is committed to safeguarding your personal data as required under the GDPR to the extent permitted under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. FirstBank may collect your personal data, either directly (where you are asked to provide the data) or indirectly (from third parties including members of the FBN Holdings Group, Credit Bureaus, other Banks and Financial institutions) . FirstBank will, however, only use this personal data in accordance with the purposes set forth in this Privacy Statement and is committed to safeguarding the personal information collected. This statement sets out details of our data protection policy, the use of cookies and the exercise of your rights in respect of your personal data.

Purposes of Processing

FirstBank collects and processes information about you for the following purposes;

  1. Providing service to you as a customer
  2. Conducting its business,
  3. informing  and making available products and services that may be of interest to you
  4. preventing crime and managing security risk
  5. complying with legal and regulatory requirements
  6. Developing web statistics.

The information you provide may also be used to contact you when necessary,

Calls, emails, text messages and other communications may be recorded by FirstBank where required by the law, regulation or for quality assurance purposes in a bid to serve you better.

Personal Data

Firstbank may collect and process the following data:

  1. Names (which may include alias), date of birth, gender, nationality (which includes ethnic origin), permanent residential address, biometric data, email addresses and telephone numbers, Bank account details (where applicable), information about deposits, and asset and liability statements for guarantors, details of shareholding, information about tax residency status and tax nationality, details of public positions held by you or held by your immediate family (spouse, partner, children and their spouses and partners, parents) and close associates.
  2. Information about any regulatory matters connected to you.
  3. Footage from CCTV within the Bank’s premises

Sensitive Data

FirstBank does not seek to collect sensitive personal data (such as data revealing political opinions, religious beliefs, and health or sex life. Your prior consent will be requested where such data is needed. Note that, your unsolicited provision to FirstBank of sensitive personal data is an indication of your consent for the processing of such  data  by FirstBank  .

FirstBank may process information about criminal offences and convictions where required by law.

Your Rights

FirstBank is  happy to inform you of your rights in relation to your personal data that it processes. Note however, that your exercise of any of these rights may result in our inability to provide some services and/or products to you in which case the Bank will withdraw the affected service and/or product. Find examples of such rights below:

You may at any time;

  1. request for access to your personal data held by FirstBank
  2. request that your personal data held by FirstBank be deleted or destroyed
  3. request that FirstBank modifies or updates your personal data to rectify any inaccurate data which it holds
  4. request that FirstBank delivers to you or a third party your personal data held by FirstBank
  5. request that FirstBank restricts the processing your personal data held by it.
  6. request that your personal data should not be processed for the purpose of marketing
  7. decline a consent request from FirstBank or withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data by FirstBank

Further to the above rights, you may lodge complaints or make enquiries concerning the processing of your personal data through any of our channels detailed in the contact section below

A full description of your rights under the GDPR is contained in Articles 12- 23 of the GDPR


FirstBank may gather and analyse information regarding usage of this web site, including domain name, the number of hits, the pages visited, previous/subsequent sites visited and length of user session. This information may be gathered by using a cookie. A cookie is a small text file placed on your hard drive by our web page server. You can choose whether or not to use a cookie by altering the settings of your browser. A cookie will make the use of this web site faster and easier.

Accepting or Rejecting Cookies

You can configure your internet browser to warn you each time a new cookie is about to be stored on your computer so that you may make a decision whether to accept or reject it. Please refer to your internet browser’s help section for specific instructions. Please note that some parts of our website may not function properly if you reject cookies.

Third Party Sites

Please note that this Privacy Statement does not extend to third party sites linked to this web site.

Data Security

Adequate security measures are in place to ensure that personal data collected by FirstBank is not altered, accessed without requisite authority, or accidentally lost. The personal data we collect are accessed to the extent required for business by authorised personnel, agents, contractors and members of the FBN Holdings Group who are under an obligation of confidentiality

How to contact FBN

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or our data processing activities, please contact us through any of our various channels:

CALL 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000; or

SMS Short Code 30012; or

VISIT a branch close to you.



FirstBank reserves the right to update sections of this Privacy Statement at any time. Please check this statement from time to time for any changes.

The Criminal and Penal Codes prohibits and imposes fines/imprisonment on an agent who accepts, for himself or for any other person, any gift or consideration as an inducement or reward for doing or not doing any act in relation to his principal’s affairs or business.

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FirstBank is committed to conducting business with utmost level of integrity, transparency, and compliance with legal, ethical and regulatory standards. Our reputation and success as an organization is built upon this foundation as we strive to maintain our position as a leading organization both locally and internationally.

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Please be informed that the Income Tax (Common Reporting Standard) Regulation, 2019 requires all Financial Institutions to collect and report certain information on financial accounts of individuals, entities and controlling persons with tax residency in any of the following 107 jurisdictions (subject to review by the FIRS):

Albania Cyprus Korea Qatar
Andorra Czech Republic Kuwait Romania
Anguilla Denmark Latvia Russian Federation
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Lebanon Saint Kitts and Nevis
Argentina Ecuador Liberia Saint Lucia
Aruba Estonia Liechtenstein Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Australia Faroe Islands Lithuania Samoa
Austria Finland Luxembourg San Marino
Azerbaijan France Macau (China) Saudi Arabia
The Bahamas Germany Malaysia Seychelles
Bahrain Ghana Malta Singapore
Barbados Gibraltar Marshall Islands Sint Maarten
Belgium Greece Mauritius Slovak Republic
Belize Greenland Mexico Slovenia
Bermuda Grenada Monaco South Africa
Brazil Guernsey Montserrat Spain
British Virgin Islands Hong Kong (China) Morocco Sweden
Brunei Hungary Nauru Switzerland
Bulgaria Iceland Netherlands Turkey
Canada India New Zealand Turks & Caicos Islands
Cayman Islands Indonesia Niue United Arab Emirates
Chile Ireland Norway United Kingdom
China Israel Oman Uruguay
Colombia Isle of Man Pakistan Vanuatu
Costa Rica Italy Panama
Cook Islands Japan Poland
Croatia Jersey Portugal
Curacao Kazakhstan
As part of this new requirement, all reportable customers that are tax resident in any of the above jurisdictions are required to complete a Self-certification form in any of these categories:
  • Self-certification form for individual customers (CRS- I)
  • Self-certification form for entities (CRS-E)
  • Self-certification form for controlling persons (i.e. individuals having controlling interest of 25% or more in an entity (CRS-CP)
First Bank of Nigeria Limited has put measures in place to ensure that the relevant customers are duly contacted and that this requirement forms part of the account opening procedure going forward. The Self-certification forms can be downloaded below: For further enquiries, please call FirstContact on 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000 or send a mail to You may also visit any open FirstBank branch nationwide. Thank you for banking with us.
S/N Provision of the Circular Implication
1. Ultimate Supplier of Products shall be construed to mean “the direct party selling the goods to the importer irrespective of whether the party involved is the manufacturer or internationally recognized buying company/supplier/agent”. The beneficiary on the Form M should not necessarily be the manufacturer of the item of import. Internationally recognized Buying company/supplier/agent are deemed to be companies that does the trading activity in their normal course of business and not restricted to a specific member of a Group of company.
2. The name of the, “Ultimate Supplier of products” should be the same as the beneficiary on the Form “M”, Invoice, Bill of Exchange, Letter of Credit Instrument, and any other relevant document to the transaction. The name of the beneficiary on the Form M must be same as the name on Letters of Credit issued, all shipping documents presented for payment on the Letters of Credit and Bills for Collection as applicable. Third Party document is not acceptable
3. Authorized Dealers should ensure that payments are made only to the beneficiary whose name appears on the documents stated point (2) above Payments will only be paid to the beneficiary on the Form M, Letters of Credit and Bills of Collection.
4. Where it is unavoidable that an importer chooses to use a buying company (other than the primary manufacturer, the importer shall make available the following documents (as applicable) for consideration and approval by the CBN before opening Form M.
  • Detailed KYC and profile of the buying company.
  • Three-Year Audited Financial Statement of the buying company.
  • Letter of reference from the Buying Company’s banker stating relationship and capacity.
  • Transfer pricing policy & arrangements in the home country.
  • Registration with its home country’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • Evidence of tax payments in the home country.
  • Evidence of authorization to act as agents and/or distributor t‹› the original equipment manufacturer
Importers using personal agents must provide the items listed above for pre-registration with CBN before Form processing. Related companies (Parents and subsidiaries) must be onboarded in line with CBN approvals where the Seller is not an internationally recognized buying house.
What should I do as an Importer? Review my Supplier’s status vis-à-vis clarification from CBN to determine the category they fall into as defined in the circular:
  1. Direct Party selling
  2. Manufacturer of the good
  3. Internationally recognized buying company/supplier/agent
  4. Other Buying Company
Suppliers that fall into category (4) should provide the listed documents above for CBN approval and onboarding to avoid delays at the point of Form M registration.

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