Agent Banking

Firstmonie Agent Banking enables customers in unbanked or underbanked regions to process financial requests through registered Agents and existing businesses.

Firstmonie Agent Banking

Agent banking is a channel used to bring financial services closer to the unbanked and underbanked segment of the society by empowering existing businesses within the communities to deliver these services.

How to identify a Firstmonie Agent

Branding features of a Firstmonie Agent location include.

  • Outdoor paintings in FirstBanks’ colours (Blue and Gold)
  • Firstmonie Agent Certificate
  • Firstmonie Agent Banner
  • Firstmonie Agent Dangler


Available Services at a Firstmonie Agent location

  • Open a FirstBank account
  • Deposit Money
  • Withdraw money from any Bank
  • Send money to any Bank
  • Pay Bills
  • Buy Airtime
  • Enroll for BVN

Firstmonie Agent Network

The Firstmonie Agent network is a bespoke channel through which FirstBank expresses her passion and commitment to broadening the opportunities and access to financial services for every Nigerian and African; especially within the low-income segment (the unbanked and under-banked population).

Our Milestones

We are all over Nigeria! –

Over 85,000 Firstmonie Agent locations (and counting) are present in all accessible Local Government Areas across all States in Nigeria including the FCT.

We are empowering individuals! 

The Firstmonie Agent channel services over 1,000,000 unique customers daily. Creating easy access to financial services, our Agent network bridges the gap between high-tech services and low literacy clients.

We are empowering businesses! –

Firstmonie Agents are regarded as community heroes who are positively impacting the society, improving lives and eradicating poverty.

We are creating jobs! 

Through the Firstmonie Agent channel, we have created over 250,000 indirect jobs within the last 3 years.

Product Information

7 Reasons to Become a FirstMonie Agent

Earn for Your Self

Earn up to 100k or more monthly.


Free POS

Get a free POS device.


Easy Support Access

Access working capital support within minutes! (Terms & Conditions Apply).


Network Membership

Become a member of the largest Agent Banking network in Nigeria.


Commission Based Earnings

Earn a commission on every account you open.


Free Branding

Receive free branding outlet.


Swift Pay Back

Enjoy swift pay back.


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