Agent Credit

Firstmonie Agent Credit is a digital lending solution designed to provide bridge finance to help our Agents to solve liquidity challenges resulting from depleted account balances, even when the Agents have physical cash at hand.

Loan Information


Agent Credit is a digital lending solution designed to solve immediate liquidity challenges.

Customers can access up to N1.5 Million subject to 25% of daily average credit turnover.

The maximum tenor for weekday loan is 24hours, while Weekend/Public Holiday is Maximum of 72hours or the next working day.

The interest rate is only 0.3% flat on the principal amount.

Yes, Insurance fee of N1000 per annum which covers death and permanent disability.

The loan will be disbursed to your account under one minute.

You can apply using your Firstmonie App.

You must have been an Active Agent for a minimum of three months to qualify for loan.

No, it is only ADMIN Pin that can access loan.

No, it is only one account per BVN at a time.

Your other accounts linked to your BVN will be debited, you will be blacklisted from getting further loan and your Agent License will be withdrawn.

You can access the loan multiple times subject to your eligibility amount within 24hours for the selected Store.

  • Get up to N1.5 Million to fund more Transactions.
  • Access to fund before Cash lodgment at the Branch.
  • Available for use every day including Peak Period (Weekdays, Weekend and Public Holiday).
  • Business Expansion and Increase in Income.

No, you need to renew your ID card with the Bank before accessing loan.

No, you can only access loan on a credit balance.

No, you cannot access loan on any other stores if the first loan was not completely paid.


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