First Class Materials

Season 2



Farouq Suleiman

Farouq Suleiman is a 9 years old hyper-realism artist; his picture-perfect drawings have earned him recognition across multiple platforms.

Lydia Stanley

Lydia Stanley is a Nigerian makeup artist, costume, and set designer whose art is some of the most imaginative and creative designs in the Africa film industry.

John Amanam

John Amanam is a Nigerian inventor and sculptor who makes hyper-realism prosthetics for the physically challenged

Oresegun Olumide

Oresegun Olumide is an artist whose oil on canvas paintings has earned global recognition and numerous awards.

Efe Richard

Efe is the founder of fix my hair app, a mobile application that guides people to the nearest hair saloon and also provides in-app purchase for hair products. Acclaimed to be the Uber of the hair industry in Africa.

Dr. Olusola Ayoola

Dr. Olusola Ayoola is the founder of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria, a foremost research and innovation center focused on the creation and development of Artificial Intelligence enabled technologies.

Mary Love Edwards

Marylove Edwards is a 16 year old tennis player who is fast becoming one of the young superstars of tennis in Africa. She has won championships and prices around the world for her dauntless performance on the court.

She is rated as the youngest and best in Africa. Marylove is currently number 5 on the list.

Jane Richard

Jane Richard is a Nigerian makeup artist, whose makeup style and concept involves identity transformation. Jane transforms her clients to look like any celebrity or persons of their choosing. She has been known to transform herself and her clients to look like famous celebrities. This unique artistic capability has earned her recognition and accolades

Dotun Poopola

Dotun Popoola is a sculptor who uses metals and metal scraps to actuate the art form. Dotun creates amazing and astonishing sculptures using metal scraps, his works has earned him acclaim and recognition from.

Amalum Chisom Chikamso

Amalum Chisom creates amazing automobiles and designs.

Without formal Engineering Training, Amalum has created Sports Cars from conception to the finished product

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