FirstSavings Plus

The FirstSavings Plus is a hybrid savings account that allows you to enjoy the benefits of both savings and current accounts.

Account Information


To open an individual FirstSavings Plus Account, you need to fill Account opening form, sign Specimen signature cards, two (2) passport photographs, two independent satisfactory references, utility bill, valid means of identification such as Driver license or international passport.

FirstSavings Plus account is open to all except minors as long as the requirement for opening the account is met by the prospective customers.

Yes, it can be used as a salary account but the N50,000 minimum operating balance still subsists.

FirstSavings Plus account operates with a flexibility of a current account. It allows issuance of cheques that are not valid for clearing but can be cashed over the counter. It also allows lodgement of third party cheques into the customer’s account.


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