Funtech is an International Money Transfer service that allows customer receive funds from their families, friends, partners and loved ones directly into their FirstBank accounts.

Product Information


No, the sender bears all charges.

The transfer would be credited directly into the recipient account.

Recipients will receive the exact amount sent by the sender

Please reach out to the Money Transfer Team via mail on Alternatively, you can call 019057125, 019057144, 019057122, 019057142

Only inbound transaction is available in Nigeria

We will automatically create a tier one domiciliary account for remittances into Naira account and remit your funds into the newly opened domiciliary account. We will equally communicate to you when this is done

Yes, all beneficiaries of International money transfers received through the approved Money Transfer Organizations are eligible for this promo and would get 5 Naira for every dollar received through their FirstBank account. This incentive payment is valid till its discontinuation by the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

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