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World Physical Therapy Day

In 1996, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) now known as World Physiotherapy, designated September 8 as World Physical Therapy (PT) Day. The World

Search, Search and Research!

We are now in the era where searching for information about anyone and anything is now simply a click away. Welcome to the world of

How To Take A Social Media Diet

Social Media is a platform used to network and connect with friends especially those far away from us. The number of social media users in

Financial Literacy for Children

Growing up is a lot of fun, with experiences and lessons that influence adult life. A smooth bicycle ride can be such a pleasurable pastime.

New Session School Runs

The month of August reminds parents all over the world of the need to prepare for a new school session for their children as September

Perspectives on Quality of Life

Living a quality life is the desire of every individual, regardless of location, status or age. However, ‘quality’ is a relative term and measuring it

Prospects of an African Currency

For the purpose of planning a common currency denomination, let’s think of Africa as a country rather than a continent, just for a moment! A

International Youth Day

This theme aims to highlight the fact that success of such a global feat will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people.

International Left Handers Day

Majority of the world’s population are right-handed, as they are more comfortably used for writing, throwing balls, turning pots of stew, cutting items and doing

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