Happy Democracy Day! – June 12

June 12 is more than just a date on the calendar for Nigerians, it holds a lot of memories! It’s a day that embodies the essence of democracy, a celebration of our collective will, and a reminder of the power we hold as a nation.

31 years ago, precisely 12 June 1993, Nigeria experienced what many till today, considers as the freest and fairest election in its history. Though the results were annulled, the date remains a symbol of our unyielding quest for a truly democratic society. Fast forward to today, even in the face of the diverse economic challenges, social issues, and political hurdles, our democratic spirit remains unbroken. Democracy Day is a beacon of hope. It reminds us that despite the trials we face, we have the power to shape our future. The democratic system, though not perfect, is a testament to our resilience and our ability to overcome adversity. Just as we stood together to demand democracy, we can unite to navigate these tough times. Trusting the democratic process means believing in the power of collective efforts and the importance of every vote. It means holding our leaders accountable and staying engaged in the political process. It also means being patient, as democracy is a continuous journey, not a destination. So, this Democracy Day, let’s celebrate with a mix of reflection and optimism. Think of democracy like your favourite jollof rice—sometimes it might be a little burnt, other times perfectly cooked, but it always brings us together. Let’s keep the spirit of June 12th alive, knowing that even if things get a bit “burnt,” there’s always a chance for a better batch. We all have a responsibility to make a personal resolve to be the agent of change in building the nature of our dreams. Visit our website https://www.firstbanknigeria.com/home/about/our-history/ to read about how FirstBank has stood and built with Nigeria even before the nation gained its independence, We believe in the Project Nigeria, so you too should! #Happy Democracy #YouFirst #FirstBank. References https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-32195485 https://smartlib.umri.ac.id/assets/uploads/files/d8f8e-i1002017882.pdf

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