Ways to Nurture Your ‘Black Girl Magic

This is the story of Jemima, a successful black female with the guts to back her ego. 

For Jemima, it’s all about excellence in her personal and professional life. The tall and dark-skinned beauty commands the air around her like a boss. 

Conscious of the unrealistic beauty standards to look in a certain way or tone, she created her path to tell her story using her dark skin. But she didn’t achieve this attention by just sitting down. As a hardworking lady, Jemima recognised that having a career path was key to her happiness.

Starting out with a humble outlook as a receptionist, she opted into the FirstGem Savings Account. She opened this account. Her operating balance was just N100.  

Not losing track of her humble beginning, Jemima ensured she moisturised daily using natural shea butter called Ori in Yoruba language.

Now that she has improved professionally, a trusted dermatologist/cosmetologist recommended some scrubs she currently uses. “Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean cleansing isn’t required… uh, duh… 

Swipe off surface impurities and residue makeup with a cleanser. This ensures you don’t dry out your skin. Always go for mild, gentle face cleansers and avoid using astringent, alcohol-based types on dry skin” the guidelines her dermatologist recurrently used in kicking off her ABC tips on having a good skin.


Need I say more? Remove the dead cell build-up already! 

Broad spectrum SPF, anyone? 

It might sound strange as SPF creams are marketed to people who don’t produce enough melanin (a pigment in the skin that protects the body from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun). Recent studies, however, reveal that dark people, albeit reduced chances, are likely to suffer from the damaging effects of the sun. 

…Lastly, have your beauty sleep

This helps your body recharge and primes you to start the new day feeling like a champ. But seriously, your body needs this time to repair itself. 

Remember we mentioned how she opened a FirstGem  account with N100, there is more to Jemima’s personal life we will like to delve into. Shall we?

Over time, she rose in her professional life. Because she earns more now, she quickly switched to the FirstGem Generic Savings Account to accommodate her savings. Soon enough, she started her own beauty empire with just one store at the popular Tejuosho market. Now she has numerous shops, selling various natural body products to both male and female.

Currently, Jemima is on the FirstGem Current Account making boss moves, as the CEO of JEM cosmetics. 

The question remains: what’s holding you back? Start like Jemima, and in no time, you’ll be the gem amongst your peers. Did anyone say #BlackGirlMagic?

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