First Gem

FIRST GEM Product – Empowering women; creating wealth

The Bank has initiated Firstgem. A bespoke solution to foster empowerment of women across the socio-economic strata, FirstGem which has recorded significant milestones is a product that is ideal for all women aged 18 years and above, whether working professionals or entrepreneurs and comes in 2 variants, savings, and current account. This is driven at the very top level by the chairman of the Bank.

Benefits of the account includes;

  • Access to select Leadership programs/workshops/training on women empowerment.
  • Access to business development advisory services for accessing CBN/BOI intervention funds at single digit interest rates.
  • Business skills on wealth management and investment plans.
  • Advisory services to access the CBN N220bn MSME intervention fund at 9%, which provides for 60% of the fund to be availed to women entrepreneurs.
  • Access to annual medical and health programmes/events sponsored by the Bank for women.

Employee empowerment, engagement, and inclusive workplace

As a critical element of our business, FirstBank is committed to ensuring that the skills and talents of our people are properly harnessed to achieve the business goals of the organization.

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion has seen us build a culture where all employees are valued and respected and where their opinions count. We remain committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive culture where employees believe that their views are heard, their concerns are attended to and they work in an environment where partiality, discrimination, and harassment on any matter, including gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and disability, are not tolerated and where progression is based on impartial criteria.

To this end, we ensured as reflected in our diversity policy that our staff are from diverse backgrounds. In addition, driving gender equality remained a key aspect of the Bank’s culture and in 2018 we had male to female ratio at 61% and 39%.

Enhancing Human Rights through Collaborative Partnerships

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26 emphasises the significance of education in the development of human personality as well as the enhancement of human rights and fundamental human freedom.

Our responsibilities to our people and stakeholders include protecting, respecting and upholding their rights. We believe our responsibilities go beyond legal compliance to moral obligations. We ensure human rights are not abused and make it our responsibility not to get involved in the violations of human rights. We are committed to dealing fairly with all our stakeholders which include our employees, customers, shareholders, government agencies amongst others.

We do not encourage staff to take advantage of each other or manipulate one another based on superiority rather respect for each other’s dignity is encouraged. Gender discrimination (as highlighted in our Diversity programme) and discrimination of minority group is not allowed. Harassment of staff in any form is strongly discouraged and culprits are usually handed over to the established disciplinary committees for sanctioning.

Furthermore, the Bank maintains an organisational culture that encourages an open line of communication between superiors and subordinates. The Bank carries out induction for new staff to acquaint them with values and vision of the Group so as to understand how to behave with other staff in the course of their stay in the Bank.