Employee Well-being

At FirstBank, we support the mental, physical and financial well-being of our employees as we believe that they are all deeply interconnected to their productivity and contribution to the sustainability of the Bank.

Physical Health and Wellness

Our approach is to educate our employees and create awareness around combating sedentary lifestyle. We provide opportunities for employees to become more knowledgeable about their well-being, as well as tools and resources for maintaining sound health. This is done through our Employees Wellness blog, Get Active campaign, Aerobics sessions, Comprehensive Health screenings, etc.

We provide our employees with medical services which range from the unlimited medical cover for them and their families, free annual comprehensive medical checkup, a retainership scheme which engages over 400 partner-hospitals nationwide to deliver health care to all our employees, staff clinic administration, health education, gym & recreation facilities, health counselling, and other health management-related ancillary services.

Mental Wellness

In addition to our focus on physical health and wellness, we support our employees’ mental health by providing a dedicated mental wellness telephone service which includes confidential counselling and consultations with a Psychologist. This is available 24/7 at no cost to our employees.

Financial Wellness

Our focus is to help employees find balance and control over their finances and this is done by educating and creating awareness on how they can improve their financial well-being and preparing them for retirement, which protects them in the long term.

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