Education, Health & Welfare


FirstBank is committed to nation building and have been driving sustainable social, economic and environmental growth for over 124 years. Our community development initiatives are anchored on our strategic Education, Health and Welfare pillars. Our engagement in sustainable business practices is based on our commitment to enhancing economic development and ensure economic stability for the present and future generation. Our key programmes include; FutureFirst programme; Infrastructure Development programme; Start Performing Acts of Random Kindness (SPARK); and Employee Giving and Volunteering.

FutureFirst Programme

The FutureFirst programme is designed to drive financial literacy, career counselling and entrepreneurship for young ones. We work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) to implement FutureFirst projects

CFA Universities Ethics Challenge and Samuel Asabia Chair on Business Ethics

To demonstrate the Bank’s commitment to ethics, professional excellence; capacity building and inclusive growth of Nigerians as well as support youth education and drive nation building, the Bank partnered with CFA Society in its yearly Universities Ethics Challenge.

Infrastructural Development Programme

FirstBank Infrastructural Development programme promotes and supports infrastructure development. Some of the identified areas of support include provision of infrastructure facilities to: schools, hospitals and environment

Start Performing Acts of Random Kindness (SPARK)

SPARK is an initiative that focuses on creating and reinforcing a consciousness/mindset of showing compassion, empathy; as well as giving to others aimed at inspiring people to make a difference

corporate responsibility and sustainability

Celebrating Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Week

As part of the Employee Giving and Volunteering programme FirstBank commenced a week celebration of its annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) initiatives.

Employee Giving and Volunteering

Our Employee Giving and Volunteering program was set up to encourage employees to give back to the community and to instill the integral corporate culture of giving.