Employee Giving and Volunteering

We encourage employees to give something back to the community through our Employee Giving and Volunteering Programme.

A Programme Promoting Generosity Among Our Teams

Our Employee Giving and Volunteering programme was set up to encourage employees to give something back to the community, and to instil in them the integral corporate culture of giving. The programme is structured around two elements:


This involves employees volunteering their time and skills to support philanthropic activities. This provides them with opportunities to use their capabilities in varied contexts, develop new skills, partner with people within and outside the Bank, and expand their horizons.


This involves employees donating material resources to the less privileged including cash. Our giving is mainly driven through a crowdfunding approach. Crowdfunding enables large numbers of people to make small contributions or donations to a cause.

Our Approach to Volunteering and Giving

Our approach is three-pronged:

Strategic alignment

Our volunteering activities and initiatives must be aligned with our corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy



The initiatives are also implemented by leveraging existing partnerships, such as LEAP Africa, the Down Syndrome Foundation, Junior Achievement Nigeria and the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.



The programme is open to all employees; for some projects, a subset of employees who possess the required expertise are targeted. For example, the FutureFirst financial literacy and career counselling programme is driven by employees with the appropriate skills and knowledge. In addition, employees are encouraged to begin and promote their personal initiatives such initiatives are often recognised and rewarded by the Bank for outstanding performance.


The programme aligns with the four core areas of our Community Support Pillar: education, health and welfare, economic empowerment, and the environment. See our CR&S report for more details.

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