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In today’s digital age, digital banking has become a convenient and fast way to manage your finances. Whether you are looking to open a new account or you want to make a major switch from in-branch banking to alternative channels, there are many online options to suit you.

One of the biggest advantages of digital banking is the ability to access your accounts on the go.

With mobile banking apps and online banking platforms, you can do almost all your banking transactions without visiting a branch. These include funds transfer, card request, bills payment, statement of account generation, loan application, airtime purchase, complaints on failed transaction and many more.

In this era of digital banking proliferation, it is safe to say that mobile devices now serve as a bank branch in customers’ palms.

Research shows that there are about 7.33 billion mobile phones worldwide accounting for more than 86 percent of the world’s population. Nigeria, according to GSMA Intelligence, had over 176.3 million cellular mobile connections as at 2022. FirstBank has one of the fastest growing digital banking customer networks in Nigeria with about 22 million active customers signed up on our digital channels.

Here are some of our nimble digital channels through which customers can enjoy easy, fast, safe and convenient banking services.

  1. FirstMobile: This is our mobile banking app which allows you to perform a wide range of banking transactions including transfers, bill payment, card request, instant loan application etc.
  2. FirstOnline: This is an internet banking platform that allows you to perform transactions such as funds transfers, bill payments etc. via the internet from the comfort of your homes, offices and on the go. It is available to both retail and corporate customers.
  3. LIT App: This is a mobile banking app that is designed with a uniquely youthful appeal and is loaded with innovative banking transaction options with security features to make banking a breeze.
  4. Firstmonie wallet is an electronic wallet that allows individuals the convenience of making and accepting payments electronically with their mobile numbers with or without internet connection.
  5. NQR Payment Solution: This entails making payments or transacting by scanning a QR code which can be accessed via customers’ mobile banking apps or at merchant locations.
  6. USSD (*894#): This is a quick, convenient and easy way to perform banking transactions e.g., transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills etc. on any kind of mobile phone with or without internet connectivity.

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