World Blood Donor Day

Every year  on 14 June, people around the world   celebrate World Blood Donor Day. It is a day recognized worldwide for raising awareness on the importance of voluntary blood donation to the health sector. Blood banks are maintained in many hospitals as a way of ensuring ready and constant access to blood for emergency uses, plasma treatments and in some cases research purposes. Blood donation has been one of the most important ways of providing aid to the ailing parts of the world and supporting new discoveries to advance the improvement of health and wellness. 

The theme for this year’s World Blood Donor Day is “Give blood and keep the world beating”. On 14 June every year, selfless individuals who donate blood to be used by others in need, either known or unknown to them, are given special recognition. This year will not be any different.   

There is usually a unique theme for every year. However, this year’s message highlights the essential contribution blood donors make to keeping the world pulsating. 

 Specifically, this year’s campaign aims at:

  • Thanking blood donors across the world and creating a wider public awareness on the need for regular   voluntary blood donation.
  • Promoting the community values of blood donation in enhancing community solidarity and social    cohesion.
  • Encouraging the youth to embrace the humanitarian call to donate blood and inspiring   others to do same.
  • Celebrating the potential of the youth as partners in promoting good health and overall wellness.

To ensure that everyone who needs blood has access to it, all countries need voluntary donors    who do so regularly. As a matter of fact, there has been an increased advocacy for people who suffer from ‘Haemochromatosis’ (hereditary condition and genetic disorder causing people to have excess blood as a result of iron overload) to donate blood at intervals. 

Countries must also invest in a structured system for banking donated blood and through screening of same to ensure safety for users and preservation.

The question of where to donate also comes to mind when we talk about blood donation. There are different places where you can donate blood. These include a Red Cross posts, hospitals, health centres and other centres that may be found from searches on the internet. You can find a location close to you and schedule a date. By doing this, you keep the world pulsating.

At FirstBank, we celebrate all the heroes who keep the world pulsating by donating their blood. We will continue to support every act of kindness to promote good health and overall wellness.

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