What is First Visa Gold Card

First Visa Gold Card is an international premium credit card issued in partnership with Visa International. It is accepted for payment at over 29 million locations and for cash withdrawals at over 1.8 million ATMs in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

The First Visa Gold Card also has some features that provide comfort to cardholders:

  • It is available in 24hours with instant PIN selection.
  • It is accepted worldwide.
  • It provides access to selected global visa privileges and benefits, discounts, and rewards 
  • It gives the cardholder, access to international emergency services.

Aside from these, some perks would make getting a First Visa Gold Card top on your to-do list:

  • Emergency card replacement.
  • Emergency cash advance.
  • International recognition and status associated with a premium card.
  • Transactions done with the card can easily be monitored via the FirstBank internet Banking 24-hour service which gives you access to support for all card-related complaints through First Contact.

Your lifestyle needs to be reflected in the company you keep and the cards you use. With FirstBank Visa Gold Card, its gold standard all the way.

With all the functional and enticing features/benefits of First Visa Gold Card, the most likely question that comes ‘top of mind’ is “How do I get this”? It is simple, visit any FirstBank branch closest to you, complete and submit an application form, and in 48hours or less, your card will be ready for collection. 

But please remember you must have an active account with FirstBank, before submitting your form.

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