The Art of Packing Suitcases

Individually or as a family, there arises the need to embark on trips to visit friends, family, or even for business or official purposes. Whether it is a local or international trip, there is the challenge of answering the mind-boggling question, “What do I pack?”

The challenge for packing a suitcase comes from being careful to take everything that is needed on the trip including clothes and other essentials. We often desire to maintain our style and comfort in looking good while on a journey, yet staying within our luggage limits be it for a car, bus, or an airplane.

If travelling with family, the task of packing suitcases becomes a creative challenge of wit, weight, and wants.

Surely there must be an art to packing a suitcase, as some families look so composed and even trendy with compact suitcases  whilst others look like all their suitcases are about to burst at the seams with items falling out.

There are several tips available, to help solve our travel packing problems, but top of the list, is developing a list of items based on the objectives of your trip. Others are listed below:

  • If   travelling by air, find out how much baggage allowance your ticket allows. Going by rail or a car may give you a bit more flexibility, but there is still a limit even on a ship!
  • Get the right type of suitcase for your trip.
  • Fold or roll your clothes and other flexible stuff into those empty spaces in your shoes.
  • Put protective packaging over liquids and gels e.g. body cream, lotion and medication.
  • Pick all the items you think you need, then cut them down by half.
  • Plan your outfits, blouses and trousers—which gives you more variety to mix and match especially for ladies.
  • Put your essentials in your hand luggage and include a change of outfit.
  • If travelling in pairs or as a family, keep some extra clothes in each other’s suitcases (in the unlikely event of one suitcase being grossly delayed in arriving you will all have a change of clothes).
  • Stuff in a few extra bags, to help you stay organised at your destination. 
  • Wear your bulkiest clothing items on a plane.
  • Pack mini-sized liquids & travel size creams & sprays (preferably in plastics to avoid leaks).
  • Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase & plan to ‘layer’ for warmth.
  • For intercontinental travels, invest in a universal adaptor.
  • Get a FirstBank Visa Credit or Debit Card, Visa Gold card or even multi-currency card, based on what suits your lifestyle and income.

That’s it! All packed and ready to go, safe travels all. 

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