Suya is Bae!

This may sound weird, but my daily evening Suya was a source of joy. Suya and Indomie, Suya and rice, bread and Suya, etc. every combination was a hit back to back.

Staying outside Naija can be depressing. Abroad is not designed to come and “blow”, more like where you come to work extremely hard! It’s also lonely, tiny speckles of racism and the usual you-don’t-belong-here stares. 

In Naija, I was a full time chairman! Enter anywhere, if you shout I’d definitely shout back! I know my rights and I am not conscious of racial bias at all.

I think being abroad has more to do with the envy of folks at home than with the desire to live outside Nigeria. It’s a sad reality that this affects us so much that we make desperate decisions to belong where we are ‘silently not wanted’.

Shade Davis, UK

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