Spring Cleaning

In this part of the world, (Nigeria and across West Africa) we do not experience the four seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, as is common in the temperate climates. But one thing we all do in common is ‘spring-clean’ our homes!

Spring- cleaning is a term often used to describe a thorough cleaning of a house or room and this is typically undertaken in spring.


Spring cleaning could be conducted with furniture in place. However, a more detailed cleaning process may include washing the walls & curtains, dusting all the nooks & crannies, wiping skirting boards, light fixtures, grime hidden in tiles, removing cobwebs in corners, etc


‘Spring cleaning is the tradition of an annual ‘deep clean’ of your home.  As there are many seasonal allergies especially from accumulated dust in tropical climes or increased pollen dust in the air as flowers ‘spring up in more temperate climes, this task may actually be considered a necessity.


The term ‘spring cleaning’ tends to get its origin from Britain, but other words across the world used to describe this annual task include ‘dusting down’, ‘cleaning out’, ‘sprucing up’, ‘washing down’, amongst many more. Even in local languages across Africa, there are local descriptions for this unwritten rule for great housekeeping.

Some of the benefits of ‘spring-cleaning’ include the fact that:

  • It deters bugs, rodents and crawling/ flying insects.
  • It gives us an opportunity to disinfect and freshen our homes.
  • It keeps us physically active, moving household items around and lifting furniture, books and other items.
  • It improves focus and uplifts your mood (making us house-proud).
  • It protects the immune system, a big plus in this day & age.
  • It helps regulate your sleep schedule after undergoing physical activity.
  • Cleaner air means easier breathing.


You can use your First bank debit or credit card to purchase some of the following items or tools you may need for a thorough spring cleaning such as;

  • A good sponge (a huge variety is available in your neighbourhood, mom & pop store/ supermarket).
  • Mops & bucket for ease of cleaning.
  • Towels for dusting and polishing and wipe dry needs.
  • Microfiber Cloths for specialised cleaning of glass, wood/ laminate floors & furniture, brass & stainless-steel items, etc.
  • Cleaning and freshening liquid or blocks.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Scrubbing brush.
  • A squeegee (a scraping implement with a rubber-edged blade set on a handle, (typically used for cleaning windows in traffic in Lagos or in offices).
  • Brooms, Dustpan & Cobweb brushes.
  • Where helpful, a vacuum cleaner may equally save the day.


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