Sex Education and the impact of social media

Sex Education enhances young people’s understanding and improves their overall attitude towards their sexual health and behaviours. 

The social media provides an easily accessible ocean of information on sexual education while giving room for anonymity.  This provides many young adults with the opportunities to access negative and destructive information on sexual orientation while innocently seeking answers to some questions that come with the age and self-realization. Often times, the negligence of parents, guardians, teachers, health workers and others in the society contribute to the dearth of positive information on sex education thereby triggering the curiosity of young people to explore and seek information on their own.  

Below are some tips that can help when teaching sex education: 

  • Parents and everyone who has a responsibility over young people should build a relationship that encourages communication and provides an enabling environment to learn without sex education being seen as an awkward conversation, rather as a learning opportunity.
  • Parental guidance and controls should be activated on all devices connected to the internet to ensure only healthy and age-appropriate contents are accessed.
  • Sexual health and wellness and its implications on the overall wellness of the mind and body should be taught to young people at an early age.
  • Every opportunity to teach good values and the importance of keeping a good company of friends should be utilized by all educators, both formal and informal. This will help to build an acceptable standard of value system in young people from an early age.
  • School curriculum should be designed to aim at ensuring authentic information are taught and students should be made to understand that their bodily changes are mostly normal in response to growth and other physiological changes. 

A healthy mind deserves a healthy body to house it for a long-term sustainability. Therefore, to achieve life’s goals, the aim should be to ensure its overall health and wellness even in the face of the many changes that come with age.

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