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Savings account or “savings bank” originated as an idea as far back as 1697 in England with the  purpose of accepting savings deposits and paying interest on those deposits.

Today, the basic purpose of a savings accounts, still remains to get added benefits and perks.


The advent of Internet banking at the end of the 20th century saw a new phase in how banks generally operate and how customers interact with the Bank and manage their accounts. Let’s take a look at how savings accounts and online banking convenience meet.


Your savings account lets you save towards a project or helps you to keep money aside, maybe for a rainy day.


At FirstBank, we do a lot more with savings account products that are tailored to your lifestyle and banking needs. FirstInstant and FirstInstant Plus are meant for customers who live an “on-the-go” lifestyle. It’s FirstBank’s no-frills, no hassles savings account, that requires minimal documentation to open. This account also lets you manage your funds without any charges, and it is upgradeable.


Our FirstSavings Plus is a hybrid savings account that allows you to enjoy the benefits of both savings and current accounts.

With FirstSavings Plus, you can access online banking. This account offers attractive interest rates, lodgement of cheques or dividend warrants into the account, third party withdrawals and cheque issuance by the account holder.


You can do online banking and stay ahead of the crowd with the XploreFirst savings account, which is targeted at young people between the ages of 18-29 years. These guys are always with a smartphone, tablet or gadget, so who would be better to offer the benefits of a savings account via online banking?


There is even a product for our much younger customers- MeFirst and KidsFirst savings accounts.

With MeFirst and KidsFirst savings account, you are setting teenagers and children on the path to financial independence, while embracing the culture of saving and financial responsibility. Online access to these accounts is based on request as they are operated by the parent/guardian.

Online Banking is safe, fast and secure and interestingly, allows for multiple beneficiaries in a single transfer transaction.

Go ahead and select one of these savings account offerings from FirstBank and use any of our access points like our mobile banking app or internet banking to make payments, transfer money, load weekly/monthly allowances, pay bills, buy data or airtime and many more.


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