No Romance Without Finance

Davido made a hit track ‘Assurance’ when he sang “love is sweet, when money enter, love is sweeter”. Safe to say that you need money for romance and relationships. 

As 14 February approaches, statistics has shown that over 90% of the Nigeria youth population will celebrate Valentine’s Day, which means a lot of gifts will be exchanged. Goes without saying that a lot of effort and money would go into the Valentine celebrations, it is now a battle with your savings. 

If you are not already pondering on this (we can bet a lot of people already are), let’s discuss how you can express love within your respective financial situations.

The first thing you need to acknowledge is the fact that money is an essential part of romance, not just because of buying gifts and sponsoring romantic getaways, but also for building financial trust and confidence in a relationship, to keep love birds together for the long haul. 

A Savings and Tracking survey found that 45% of respondents end up in arguments when they talk about money with their significant others and 72% of young professionals say “they have bickered about finances”.

This is bound to come to the fore in the coming weeks and beyond. Just as there would be “oohs and aahs” in appreciation of a partner’s show of affection, some would be “served breakfast” for either not doing at all or not doing enough. 

So, it’s a good time to stylishly initiate conversations around finance, it will help in taking your spending decisions. 

Next to consider is the fact that love is a team effort. That’s right! It takes two to fall in love – even if the love is between you and yourself (topic for another day). If you approach your finances as a team, you will be able to make better decisions. Establishing and accomplishing shared goals is a good way to bring you and your love interest closer.

Understanding your partner or love interest’s spending habits will also help you to get to know one another better. The eyes are not the only mirror to one’s soul- the way one treats money is also a sure reflection of the person!

The buzzword for February is love, which brings us to our next point- kindness is love.

Yes, showing kindness in how you spend money, is another way you can show love to the larger society and your community. There are lots of ways to have a memorable Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

A few random acts of kindness would go a long way in putting smiles on people’s faces and spreading love. A smile practically costs nothing, but it is of immense value to the person receiving it. Kind gestures or token amounts in tips and financial assistance to others would go a long way in making Valentine’s Day memorable for them. How about “some finance for romance”?

At FirstBank, we believe that love should be expressed every day through acts of kindness and generosity. Visit to see how you can S.P.A.R.K (Start Promoting Acts of Random Kindness).

Spend wisely with any of our transaction channels and have yourself a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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