International Youth Day

This theme aims to highlight the fact that success of such a global feat will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people. The occasion is also used to celebrate the potentials of youth as active partners in the global society and bring it to the attention of international communities. 

The World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth, in Lisbon in 1998, paved the way for the endorsement of International Youth Day. On 17 December 1999 the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the recommendations made by the Ministers and International Youth Day was recognized.

The inaugural celebration of the International Youth Day took place on 12 August 2000, and it serves as an opportunity annually, to further educate society about cultural and legal issues surrounding the youth.

National Youth Day across the world differs between countries but in total, 18 countries worldwide celebrate a youth day of some sort. In Nigeria, National Youth Day is celebrated on 1 November annually and it is dedicated to celebrating the Nigerian Youth.

The age range for Youth in Nigeria is 18-29 years, according to the new Youth Policy (2019). However, the Africa youth charter recognises youth as people between 15-35 years while the United Nations (UN) defines youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 with all UN statistics based on this age range. 

The United Nations states education as a source of these statistics. The United Nations also recognizes that the youth age range differs without prejudice, amongst member states between 18-30.

One thing is certain as we celebrate our youth across the globe, the youth are the future for all nations!

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