Interesting Places to Visit Without Breaking the Bank

It is a common saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. 

Like the clock, most people work all year round without taking breaks to enjoy a little of what they have worked for.

On their priority scale, bills come tops in their various forms and sizes – house rent, electricity bills, phone bills, gas, food supplies, the list is endless. While there are always bills to settle, we all need to pay attention to the body and brain that put in the work 

Our body deserves some rest and care, otherwise stress will take its toll and emergency medical bill will come calling. 

Research has shown that people who go on vacations tend to have a better outlook on life, lower stress, better motivation to achieve set goals and minimal risk of having a heart disease.

While many people many know the importance of rest, their hearts skip at the mention of vacation. They term “vacation” as a leisure for the rich only.

Who says you must “break the bank” to be able to afford a vacation?

Here’s the good news, there are many inexpensive places you can explore for a vacation.

  • Rwanda: Rwanda is known for its greenery, and it serves as a host to mountainous landscapes and national parks. There are beautiful art museums and tasty cuisines in the restaurants. Rwanda is regarded as the neatness capital of Africa.
  • Ghana: Ghana is one of the premier tourist destinations in West Africa. Ghana, which means “warrior king,” is an incredible country that draws thousands of tourists annually. The country has a rich history, culture and cuisine not forgetting the long outstanding battle between Ghanaian and Nigerian jollof.
  • Nigeria: Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth. It is also the fashion, technology, and creative hub of Africa. The many tourist attractions make Nigeria a destination for budget friendly vacations, especially for intra city vacations.
  • Thailand: Thailand is the most inexpensive and comfortable choice in Asia. It has historical attractions, enriched with natural landscapes and beautiful islands. Not forgetting religious artworks.
  • Kenya: Nairobi, Kenya’s capital provides the best Safari experience. There are also hot air balloons that give people an aerial view of animal and games reserves, which makes it a place worthy to consider for vacations.

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Bon Voyage! 

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