Important tips to consider when planning a group holiday or getaway

Summer is fast approaching, and this heralds the holiday season. 

For many people, planning a vacation can be a lot of struggles while for others, it might be easier. This is largely connected to the many decisions that come with making travel plans which include where to go, how much money it will cost, what should be on the menu, activities to engage in and so many more. 

As with other human endeavours, planning is essential to successful execution. Because of this, we have complied a list of useful tips that can help you with planning the perfect group holiday or getaway.

  1. Set a budget:  The first step to planning a successful holiday trip is setting a workable budget. Your budget serves as a guide to decision making and helps to keep your expenses under control. With it you can decide on your holiday location, mode of transportation, accommodation, food/menu, and other logistics.
  2. Keep an open line of communication: Having a closed group for sharing information, ideas and plans is very helpful. It allows everyone to get up to date information on what is required from them, and every member of the group is kept abreast of the travel plans. The WhatsApp or Telegram group messaging platforms are great resources to consider. 
  3. Plan with every member of the group in mind: When travelling or vacationing in a group, it is important that decisions made take into consideration the nuances of everyone or at least, majority of the group members. Take note of common or specific allergies and phobias of members of the group without prejudice to anyone. Afterall, the goal is for everyone to have fun and make remarkable memories from the experience.
  4. Use the internet to your advantage: Thanks to the internet, information on almost anything now exists in generous amounts, all your mind needs to do is to conceive it, and you get great ideas and even reviews from other people. Check online for holiday resorts and any other topic of interest, run this by every member of the group and come up with blended suggestions that suit everybody’s fancy.

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