House-cleaning tips suited for busy schedules

There’s just something about a clean environment that lifts your spirit. It has a connection to productivity probably. However, as much as we desire this spick and span space, our extremely busy schedules often get in the way.

Most times, it is extremely hard to create the work-life balance that gives us room to attend to other aspects of our lives that need attention such as creating a clean and safe space. Work wasn’t meant to cripple your personal life and your personal life isn’t supposed to interfere with your productivity at workplace too. 

As we sit down contemplating where to begin cleaning, chores might be piling up and the weekend blows out fast before we’ve had enough time to even rest. What then is the way out? 

Here, we share a few tips on how to create that balance between work and house chores to maintain a clean environment that supports improved productivity. 

  1. Prioritise the important and urgent tasks: This is applicable to both work and personal life. Organize and execute your tasks as prioritized and avoid procrastination by all means. For instance, don’t say ‘I will do the dishes later’ Wash up immediately after use and tidy your wardrobe at least every weekend. Putting what is important to a later time can affect other tasks when they become urgent.
  2. Work with a timetable: Your daily timetable should accommodate not just your work schedule but your home schedule. Have a timetable that guides your daily activities and be faithful to it. Allocate time to each task. 10-20 minutes of quick cleaning (as captured on your schedule), if followed diligently, will decrease the rate of accumulation of chores or pile up of dirt.
  3. Delegate duties whenever you can: You don’t have to do it all by yourself, if it can be outsourced, why not? Just like you ask a colleague to help out with workload that can be ceded while you focus on other tasks, if you stay with someone -friends or relatives, you can ask them to lend some help to ease the burden. The most important thing is that no task is left undone, and everyone gets a fair share of rest. 
  4. Spread the chores over the entire week: Instead of piling up cleaning and other chores till the weekend thus eating deep into your spare time for rest, break it down into bits that can be done throughout the week. 
  5. Hire a professional cleaner: If you can afford the services of a professional cleaner or a cleaning company, why not? A few hours of cleaning once a week will go a long way. This will also help you focus on your work while maintaining a clean environment. Let your money work for you.

What more can you add?

If you’ve got any other tip(s) that work for you, please hit us up on any of our social media handles 


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