Vendor Feedback Survey

Thank you for being a partner with FirstBank of Nigeria Limited. Please take out a moment to complete this survey.

Feedback Survey

How long have you been partnering with us as vendor?
Please select the areas you are most satisfied with.
Please select the areas you are least satisfied with?
Have you visited the Vendor Portal on FirstBank Website to access Vendor Onboarding and iSupplier Information?
How is the iSupplier Portal working for you?
If you have had issues, was it reported on
How effectively did we address your inquiries and concerns?
Kindly rate the timeliness and clarity of our communication
How satisfied are you with the Bank's handling of issues or disputes that may have arisen during our collaboration?
In what ways can First Bank improve it's service to you?
Are there areas where you believe the Bank could benefit from improved product/ service quality from your organization?
How would you rate your level of satisfaction with regards to our invoicing processes?
Do you believe the Bank actively seeks and implements innovations to enhance our partnership and processes?
Is there anything specific you would like to highlight about your experience working with us?
Please rate your overall experience working with the Bank.
Do you have any suggestions for areas of improvement or any additional comments you would like to share with us?

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