Home & Career Tips For Mums

Women make up a sizeable part of Nigeria’s present workforce. Many of them working from home or stay-at-home mums running SMEs and entrepreneurial ventures from their kitchen tables and smart devices. 

Because it could be highly demanding being a mum and a career woman at the same time, here are some tips for you to achieve a good balance:

  • Plan and Organise

Plan and organise your time so that neither your family nor your career will suffer unduly. 

Have a calendar of activities, and a daily to-do list. Start your day early or get organised the night before. 

  • Be Flexible

Most days don’t usually go as planned when children are involved.

You may also have to contend with impromptu meetings and other unscheduled distractions, try to take them in your stride.

  • Get Quality Help

It is important to have good assistance to cover up for moments when you are not around. 

Scrutinize your options or ask for references if you are sourcing nannies, babysitters or creches. Family members, either nuclear or extended, can also be of great help. 

  • Communicate

There is need for a clear communication with your other half, employer, colleagues, or friends. They might just be able to help if they know what the situation is.

  • Stay Connected

Stay connected with your children and loved ones through calls, voice notes, and other friendly social media platforms.

Even recording stories in your own voice for your children to playback is a good way to filling up for your absence when unavoidable.

If you are going to miss any school activity, communicate with the school authorities and let you children be aware. 

Create Special Family Activities

Bonding time is very essential for the family, so create quality time for this. You can schedule routine or spur-of-the-moment activities or games.

Don’t Forget Your Partner

They will often be the number one person you can fall back on. Having a supportive spouse or partner is key to balancing the home and career. Carry them along in your daily activities and don’t waste any opportunity to show appreciation.

Don’t Forget Yourself

Stay healthy, take care of yourself and try to get some me-time. 

You will also need to recharge for the next day and the next and the next…

These are just some tips. If you have any of your own, you can share with us on our social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: Firstbank Nigeria

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