Heels or Flats?

Ayomide, has always been a lover of heels, especially stilettos and block heels. She constantly boasts about the confidence that wearing heels adds to her dressing and total composure. Unlike Ayomide, Fissy doesn’t seem to understand the hype around heels, she prefers the comfort that comes with her beautiful flat shoes.

The type of shoe we wear says a lot about our personality and people have different preferences which are mostly defined by several factors such as the occasion, type of outfit, mood, what is available or comfortable per time or what is trending. There is however, no right or wrong answer in choosing between heels and flats for ladies. What is more important is the carriage or you call it posture.

True that many times heels tend to speak class and accentuates the dressing, and ultimately personal confidence. Ladies should learn to blend the use of heels or flats to match the situation they find themselves in. Thankfully, for those who struggle with finding heels comfortable, there are now different variants of elevated shoes such as wedges and block heels that are as capable as giving the classic look just as stilletos.

The most important thing is that you know exactly how to show up and look your best without compromising your comfort. 

Whatever you choose to complete your dressing, please remember the following:

  • Long term usage of super flat shoes with thin soles can cause issues with fallen arches. Ensure you invest in good quality supportive flats with strong soles.
  • Prolonged usage of high heels is not advised. This is because in later years, it can lead to weakened ankles, knees and legs and overall poor balance.
  • Shoes should not be too tight or too loose to prevent blisters or exposure to trip hazards especially with oversized shoes. Whatever shoes you choose, ensure that your feet are allowed to breathe. 

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