Have you heard about the FirstBank Digital Xperience Centre?

A casual stroll on Adetokunbo Ademola Street in Victoria Island, Lagos on a Sunday evening would be a quiet and eerily desolate experience as this street which is like a major business artery is closed for the weekend.

But is it? Maybe not! At least with FirstBank being open for business 24/7 and ready to serve you, even on a Sunday evening. 

At the first of its kind digital branch in Nigeria, the FirstBank Digital Experience Center (DXC) on Adetokunbo Ademola gives a whole new experience to banking.

The DXC is designed to offer a frictionless experience where customers are exposed to world-class banking options as a self-service.

In nearly 130 years of the Bank’s history, it has made giant strides and taken giant leaps in providing convenient banking and financial services whilst remaining at the forefront of innovation with dynamic service offerings.

FirstBank Digital Experience Center also known as the DXC, is a fully automated branch equipped with modern banking facilities including humanoid robots with video banking capacity functioning as branch staff.  Other automated facilities include the following:  

  • Video banking and Artificial Intelligence (AI), taking on the role of a human/branch staff. 
  • Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) which are self-service kiosks for non-financial transactions such as account update, ATM Card issuance, and Fixed Deposit booking between N100,000.00 to N5,000,000.00.  
  • Fast Track (Contactless) ATMs with interactive smart screens to ensure effective and comprehensive consultation with the Bank’s sales staff via remote video connection.
  • Paperless/electronic forms designed to promote the timely resolution of complaints, dispensing of account statements and account enquiry/management.

Other services include funds transfer, card services and management, cheque management, email and phone number update, ATM card and token hotlisting, amongst many other services are available.

Don’t be one of the last elites to share in this experience. Take a trip to the DXC to experience what our CEO, Dr Adesola Adeduntan, aptly described as “the future of banking in Nigeria”. 

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