Hand Luggage on Aeroplanes


Summer vacation, usually occurring between June and August, is greeted with so much excitement being a period with the best outdoor temperature/condition. The long summer vacation beckons, and with the increased relaxation of restrictions on outdoor activities, family bonding becomes a thing of priority either on big or small budgets.

The year 2020, brought about a sharp halt in local and global travels especially by air, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Families have now adjusted to different safety measures which include wearing masks, washing/sanitising hands as well as social distancing. This then implies that packing a hand luggage for vacation will involve a

bit more creativity to include essentials needed to remain safe all through the journey.

In the past, the basic items would include toothbrush & paste, facial wipes, change of underwear, phone charger or USB cable, daily medications, documents you’ll need on the trip, valuables, and some reading materials- just in case, inflight entertainment becomes boring.

Post-COVID, a lot of local and international flights have adjusted their ‘goody bag’ to include items like face masks, hand sanitisers, and meals that require moderate handling to promote hygiene and keep passengers safe.

Also, passengers should bear in mind that the commute to the foot of the plane is usually a long journey filled with multiple hurdles, gates, and checks. Intending passengers will still need to pack this new list of essential items into handbags and hand luggage, as new airport protocols will require wearing of masks right from the entry point of the airport to the check-in counters, through the arrival/departure lounges up to the entrance of the plane! Sanitising, wiping, and maintaining social distance all the way.

As we all know, the world has readjusted and our hand luggage is not spared. As you start making plans for that trip, let us provide you a checklist of the new essential items that are now a must in our hand luggage:

  • Hand sanitisers (liquid form or hand wipes).
  • Face masks.
  • Laptops/ Smart Phones (for online meetings).
  • Mifi devices…just to ensure you are connected online 24/7 and you can make your last-minute online purchases with any of your FirstBank cards!
  • Handkerchiefs or scarfs in case you need an emergency face cover.
  • Liquid or solid travel size soap just to be double sure when you want that extra clean feel.

Are we missing anything?

Can you add to our list from your recent air travel experience? Share your stories or just leave a comment to help keep us all safe as vacation mode gets activated. For more information about getting a FirstBank card suited for your vacation, please visit our website www.Firstbanknigeria.com



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