Danfo’s vs BRT Buses

Welcome to Lagos where the major means of mass transportation are ‘Danfo’s’& BRT buses. The Danfo buses are largely Volkswagen T3 buses painted yellow and black while the BRT buses are mostly Mercedes Marcopolo buses painted blue.

The city of Lagos, the 7th largest economy in Africa has created a brand name for itself as a city of the yellow and black buses popularly known as Danfo’s. With the introduction of BRT buses in 2008 on the roads in Lagos, there is now increased variety for commuters to choose from.

The Danfo became the main means of commercial transportation in Lagos back in the 80’s because it could ply virtually all bus routes including the inner streets. Its slender figure and quick handling made it desirable for most drivers/owners who sought to go into the transportation business.

The first set of Danfo buses in Lagos were mainly Volkswagen Kombi buses that could convey twelve passengers at a time.

Over the last 20 years, Lagos has made large-scale investments in the transport infrastructure to keep up with its growing population. On 17 March 2008, Lagos state opened the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system on the African continent. The BRT system initially operated from Mile 12 through Ikorodu Road and Funsho Williams Avenue (formerly Western Avenue) up to CMS. But more recently, it has expanded its operation to twenty-six routes.

The BRT system in Lagos has been upgraded to receive digital electronic payment and access control. Other improved features added to the new BRT Buses are:

  • Digital Payment: you can now pay digitally for your ride to your desired destination using the cowry card,
  • Fully Air-conditioned system: there are functioning air conditioners in the buses to aid a smooth and comfortable journey and the seats are well arranged for convenience.

Unlike the BRT buses that are big in size, Danfo’s can cover almost any route within the state and that’s a superior advantage they possess for mass transportation. Both buses have their advantages but many passengers would rather take a BRT bus when going on a long-distance route.

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Image Source: Shutterstock, Google.com

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