Considering an Online Master’s Programme in Nigeria?

The job market has never been more competitive! Interestingly, the requirements to secure a good job and achieve career growth are also on the increase especially as more higher institutions are now producing graduates at an astronomical rate

With over 170 universities in Nigeria and about 500,000 university graduates annually, it is almost impossible to gain a competitive edge in the labour market without an additional degree, hence the need for a master’s degree. This has significantly contributed to the recent hike in the number of people seeking admission into universities for a second degree.

While many would prefer to seek admission to schools in countries like the UK, Canada, USA etc, especially because of the greener pasture advantage after their master’s degree, there are a handful of good and affordable public and private universities in Nigeria offering master’s degree programmes with costs averaging between N100,000 and N1.5Million. Regardless, the good news is that many schools have flexible payment options and even accept instalments. 

A Master’s degree is an investment with potentially high returns. However, aspiring students need to carry out extensive research to discover schools and programmes best suited for them.

One of the aftermaths of the COVID-19 pandemic is an upsurge of online study programmes which are as good as class-taught. Hence, the limitations to getting a good postgraduate degree has been gradually removed.  However, affordability remains a key factor for consideration.

Some of the factors that may influence the cost of the programmes include:

  • The status or class of the institution
  • Affiliation with other institutions – local or foreign
  • Type of programme/course. Some courses attract special tuition rates, this may be based on the marketability of the courses.
  • Mode of study (virtual or physical) also determines the cost of the programme.
  • Exposure to immersion programmes outside the home country
  • Other fees covering research, exams, etc.

To have a great learning experience, especially for online classes which are now more prevalent and convenient, an intending student would need to make a substantial investment into gadgets e.g., a good laptop, headphones, wireless internet provider, and a good work area with ‘comfy’ table and chair. These are just the basics.

Take some time to plan and you will discover that even your dream of bagging a second degree is valid and not out of reach. Remember this might be the unfair advantage you need in the job market or at work. Besides, the exposure, experience and added knowledge cannot be priced.

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