Brighten up with Throw Pillows

Compliments of the season!

It’s a few weeks to the end of the year, the yuletide season, and we all look forward to gathering over meals and having a great time with family & friends.

But e get as e be o! The cost of everything in the market seems to be at an all-time high, yet salaries are not increasing. The other day at an old girls’ school reunion somebody mentioned creative ways to decorate the home using throw pillows. Yes throw pillows! Even though they seem so little and insignificant, with a few ideas, they can give rooms, offices and open spaces a magnificent look. 

A throw pillow is a small pillow used for decorative and sometimes, functional purposes. Decorative throw pillows usually accentuate colour in a room and the environment, and when functionality is added, they can provide added comfort to sitting, and in laying spaces including furniture.

Some throw pillows have removable covers, and added aesthetic features like sequins, tassels, buttons and piping. Here are a few quick tips to change the look & feel of your spaces this season using throw pillows.;

  1. Add some dazzle by getting heavily sequined throw pillow covers in the green, red and white colours to spark off the Christmas season. For the new year you can equally get sequined covers in gold, silver,  bronze and blue. Sequins come in all colours, so please explore to your taste and remove the sequin covers after the holiday season. Sequined pillows are also used for celebratory occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even as souvenirs for occasions and brands.
  2. For making home or work environments welcoming & cozy, some throw pillows now have interesting pictures of family members, family trees and good friends. Similarly, in offices nowadays, corporate messages are written on throw pillows in the lounge & reception. Interesting quotes that can be changed regularly can also be written on them to create vibrancy. 
  3. Do you have young children in the home or school environment? Make throw pillows part of the learning experience with pictures of numbers and letters of the alphabet or other forms of learning such as, names and pictures of fruits, vegetables, colours, animals, vehicles, and basic greeting word. Just name it and you have it!
  4. Throw pillows come in different shapes and sizes.  Variety is the spice of life. Squares alone may not suit your style. Explore other shapes, rectangles, round throw pillows and in a some cases, triangles. Truly, throw pillows are now so versatile and can truly brighten up the day with colours and even motivate people. 
  5. Thinking of an interesting and unique gift. Throw pillows with interesting and appropriate messages or pictures can make a very cherished and unique gift for any occasion even the yuletide season. The messages and colours can be designed to be gender neutral and age appropriate.

Remember as you explore your throw pillow options for this season and all seasons, you can always use your FirstBank debit card or Firstmonie wallet to pay for the new covers you may choose to buy. Check out our website for more info on the services we offer. Go to Do not throw money around without a plan!


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