Are Perfumes An Investment?

Perfumes have a long history. The use is mainly associated with mystery, fantasy and imagination. The word ‘perfume’ comes from the Latin phrase, “per” meaning “thorough” and “fumus” meaning “smoke”. The French later gave the name “parfum” to the scents produced by burning incense.

Over the years, perfumes have evolved from just ’incense form’ that was exclusive to priests and elites, to different forms of fragrances, that can be carried around and used by individuals from different walks of life.

Why do people wear perfume?

We need to realize how important it is for a human being to smell good even when they aren’t stepping outside their homes. The major reasons why people wear perfumes are: 

  • People wear perfume, to surround themselves with a pleasing, lingering scent that leaves a good impression.
  • People also wear perfume, to bring back nostalgic memories.
  • People wear perfume, to feel good because it boosts their confidence and mood


Are perfumes an investment?

Of course they are! Purchasing a perfume for personal use can be considered an investment in personal grooming, overall appearance and impression as previously mentioned.  Individuals or corporates can invest in the manufacturing, and sale of perfumes. Perfumes are one of the most profitable products in the world.

The reason is because the actual perfume liquid is cheap and can be sold at an extremely high margin. Even retailers are not left out on the high profit.

In Nigeria today, the perfume business is one of the few businesses you can get a good “return on investment” (ROI).

According to research, ’a vendor’, bought a ’designer perfume’ for N8,000 and sold it for N48,000. Imagine what the actual price would be on a regular business day. If you look around social media today, you will notice a rise in perfume oil vendors. This is because more people are beginning to embrace the elegance and beauty of scents.

In case you are wondering, you don’t have to break the bank to start this business. You also don’t have to quit your job to start it, because it can be sold from the comfort of your phone, online. You just have to invest in your brand outlook, quality and have a good marketing strategy

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