‘Adire’ Fashion on Fleek

Trends evolve with time and the fashion world is not an exception. 

It has continued to move in line with what is acceptable as fashionable per time. One common fashion that has never gone out of trend is the tie-and-dye outfit popularly known as ‘Adire’.

‘Adire’ textile is an indigo-dyed cloth generally associated with Abeokuta people also known as the ‘Egbas’.

These natives of Ogun state, skilled men and women, creatively use a variety of resist-dyeing techniques to transform plain clothing to a beautiful work of art

The material is designed with wax-resist methods that produce patterned designs in dazzling arrays of tints and hues, this technique can be applied on various types of materials including cotton and silk.

Although the missionaries introduced cotton textile in the 1850’s, cotton weaving, pottery and Adire have long been the traditional crafts of the Egbas. 

Speaking of fashion and trends, Nigerian traditional materials and outfits are now regarded as ancestral and accepted globally. The popular ones include Ankara, Adire, Aso-Oke, amongst others. 

The popularity of tie-and-dye inspired the Adire Heritage Festival recently held in Lagos from 5-11 December 2022. While on the global scene, the Adire Carnival also returned to the Austrian capital city of Vienna on Saturday, 25 June 2022, after a 2-year break. The event tagged “Carnival of Peace and Unity” celebrated the uniqueness of the Adire textile. 

Participants from other parts of Austria such as Salzburg, Graz, Karten, and Linz joined other visitors from Nigeria, Brazil Ireland, UK, and USA.

This trend is not about to slow down as many global icons have continued to ‘rep’ Adire attire on the global stage at corporate meetings, events, and other functions.  

Among many other reasons, Adire has a wide acceptance because of its versatility. It can be made into stylish clothes, corporate wears, kaftans and can also be used to make attractive accessories and interior decorations.  

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