5 Ways to Communicate About Finances in Marriage

Ade loves Ijeoma and couldn’t wait to make her his wife. He loves her attitude, the way she supports his dreams and most importantly, her cooking skills. Six months after, in the presence of few family and friends, maintaining COVID-19 protocols on gatherings, they got married. 

Their home was everything they wanted except for the issue of finance. Ade loved to plan before making any purchase, while his beautiful wife Ijeoma was an impulsive buyer. They are both doing well in their respective careers but Ijeoma’s impulsive buying habit was affecting them both especially as regards long- term goals. Ade planned to nip this in the bud and below are the five things he did to communicate about their current finance challenges.

Communication: He opened up to her about his fears and how their current financial challenges is affecting them and their finances. 

Set Saving Goals: Having discussed their fears, Ijeoma suggested they have a separate account to collectively save a percentage of their income. They decided to go for the FirstBank Savings account since they both have their salary accounts with the bank. 

Review: They both agreed to review their budgets and discuss more on ways to improve it.

Planning: Since they are newly weds with their first baby due by Q3 that year, Ade advised his wife that they open a  KidsFirst account to secure the future for their unborn child.

Teamwork: Ade told Ijeoma that like everything, as regards their finances, they are a team and seeing each other as one will help them.

Their discussion was fruitful and with their choice of  FirstBank Savings as their collective savings as well as the opening of a KidsFirst account for their unborn child , the couple were excited with how efficient they were able to successfully manage their finances within a short period of time. 

The food for thought in this story is that with a lot of proactive communication, a couple can work through their financial goals together.

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