3 Financial BOOKS every woman should read

Reading opens the mind and financial books opens your mind to a wide range of opportunities around finances, investment and savings. We know an average woman is busy, however. The internet has loads of books you can read up on to empower you. To aid your reading list, here are three financial books tailored at women that we encourage you to read;

The Smart Money Woman: This book tallies in line with our goal in FirstGem; which is all about wealth creation ideas,  shared to encourage women to play their part in providing financial support for their families. This book tackles issues on debt, spending, the fear and misconceptions surrounding money and the lack of it, love, friendships, cultural and societal pressures and the roles they play in success. With each chapter comes a Smart Money Lesson to help you work your way up the financial ladder.

Clever Girl Finance: Learning How Investing Works, Grow Your Money by Bola Sokunbi focuses on teaching women how to make the best investment decisions for themselves; No fancy finance degree required! You’ll be able to leverage investment opportunities to build long term wealth even on a modest salary. You’ll also learn the key pitfalls to avoid in order to become a successful investor and so much more!

Business Boutique: A Woman’s Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves by Christy Wright; Are you a lady that is new in the business of making money , we recommend this book to you. The author shared nuggets on how to make money from what you are passionate about. This book helps you build with precision  what you need.

So here you have it. Our self-help books for females will help you grow your finances and mindset. One good thing about a book is that you can get inspiration and be motivated on the next positive step in your professional and eventually, your personal life.

Also joining a good club like our FirstGem Community will help motivate you as we have over 61,293  women in our community. 

So, when are you starting your reading challenge? 

A book a month is possible, remember, it starts with you!

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