Oil and Gas (Downstream)

The oil and gas downstream sector remains strategic to the country and a key driver of the nation’s economy.

Enabling Economic Growth in the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector

At FirstBank, we have a dedicated team committed to provide supports in navigating the ever-changing industry dynamics along the value chain.

We offer bespoke services to meet your specific business needs as well as options in managing the business risk associated with the sector

Downstream Oil and Gas Solutions

Some of our product offerings specially designed to support your business needs include:

  1. Letters of Credit and Bills for Collection
  2. Financial Advisory
  3. Escrow Management 
  4. Working Capital Support 
  5. Asset Acquisition & Project Finance
  6. Structured Trade and Commodity Finance
  7. Contingent Liability Management – Bonds and Guarantee
  8. Tax and Duty Payment
  9. Online Payments and Digital Collections
  10. Liquidity and Supply Chain Management
  11. Currency Swaps and Forwards
  12. Liability Management

Why Us?

  • Leading Bank for partnership in the Downstream sector 
  • Key relationship with critical stakeholders 
  • Over 100 years cogent experience in Downstream Business Management 
  • Innovation solution and creative problem solving 

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