The Manufacturing Industry remains the key to growth of any economy. A viable sector for an industrial revolution.

Enabling Industrial Revolution Through Manufacturing

At FirstBank, we understand how tedious it could be for a manufacturer to manage payments and collections, track imports and exports while having a grip on the cash.

Key Focus – Sectors We Work in​

Our Relationship Teams are structured to align with the major sectors of the manufacturing industry as such our Teams are experts in the sector they cover. With the provision of bespoke value chain solutions; our customers can focus on the core business of manufacturing.

Bespoke Manufacturing Solutions

We support the manufacturing sector through a variety of products and solutions tailored to meet their needs;  

  1. Import and Export Finance
  2. Letters of Credit
  3. Bills for Collection
  4. Forms A, M, and Q processing
  5. Working Capital Support 
  6. CBN/BOI Intervention funds
  7. Online Payments and Digital Collections
  8. Cash Management
  9. Project Finance
  10. Structured Trade and Commodity Finance
  11. Bonds and Guarantees
  12. Merger and Acquisition Support
  13. Tax Payment
  14. Liquidity and Supply Chain Management
  15. Treasury Bills
  16. Currency Swaps and Forwards

Why Us?

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Our customers are at the center of all that we do 
  • We are experts in offering bespoke banking solutions to manufacturers. 

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