SME Banking

Our SME Banking Ā provides bespoke financial services offerings and solutions to growing businesses.

Our Value Proposition

As a Bank, we understand the critical roles that SMEs play in economic diversification, job creation, social stability and GDP growth in any economy. As such, we have designed bespoke transaction, financing and non-financing solutions to meet the needs of SMEs that represent an economically important sector in every economy.

FirstBankā€™s SME Banking provides more than banking services to SMEs; we provide total business support solution. Through ourĀ SMEConnect,Ā we connect you to your potential customers, suppliers, partners and the resources that you need to fuel your business growth.

Our offerings and solutions are designed to provide more than just transactional services. Given our extensive experience in the financial services industry, we are strategically positioned to provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the required support to fuel business growth.

Featured SME Banking Solutions

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