Non-Oil Export

First Bank of Nigeria Limited has historically played a key role in financing different sectors of the Nigerian economy and beyond.

About Non-Oil Export Webinar Series

In recognition of the Federal Government’s efforts to diversify the revenue base of the economy, FirstBank is leveraging its vast experience in supporting trade businesses, especially in the SME and Corporate Business space to lend its expertise to drive discussions that will enable existing exporters expand their export businesses and encourage new entrants into non-oil export industry.

The Bank, in its bid to continually drive economic growth and development has created an Export Desk to support the needs of exporters, including the designing of export products and solutions  to cater for pre  and post export financing and services to foster quick processing of export collections, conversion and payments via automated platforms.

The Non-Oil Webinar Series has been curated to:

  • Create awareness for the endowment in each region of the country;
  • Open the exports opportunities prevalent in these areas in collaboration with seasoned Export experts;
  • Drive grass root conversations with existing and intending exporters to convert them to export opportunities;
  • Help overcome export challenges inherent in these regions;
  • Kindle an awareness of the export potential for AFCFTA prevalent in the regions; and
  • Serve as a workshop to address concerns, challenges and solutions in the export business.

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