Nigeria Economic Outlook

Honing in on the major economic issues that Nigeria is presently confronted with.

Nigeria Economic Outlook for 2023

The Nigeria Economic Outlook 2023 delved into the major economic issues that Nigeria is presently confronted with, such as higher borrowing costs and softer demand in major export markets, heavy burden of debt servicing, the instability created by election cycles and general geopolitical concerns.  Not also forgetting the “japa” syndrome that has also contributed to significant loss of manpower which has reduced productivity in many organizations.   Inflation is projected to remain at 17% remaining at pre-pandemic levels, fueled mainly by rising food, diesel and gas prices and persistent supply disruptions amplified by the Russia– Ukraine conflict.

The session provided a platform to hear directly from subject matter experts to answer economic questions, to inform and empower our customers to make the necessary decisions in their personal and business lives. This highlights our commitment to being customer centric and our aim to be the preferred financial partner in 2023

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