Commemorative Activities

From our very modest beginning in 1894 as the Bank of British West Africa, we have traversed an incredible journey, delivering impeccable financial services to customers and supporting the building of modern-day Nigeria and indeed, West Africa, including our early pivotal role as monetary and fiscal policy regulator for the entire West African region.

At amalgamation, independence, and through the seasons ever since, we have been marching hand-in-hand with you. We have enabled technological, industrial and societal advancements, achieving very many firsts; being resilient and supportive through periods of rapid and radical changes; pioneered and charted the course in our industry, nay, in the nation at large.

From the delta to the savannah, from the confluence to the plateau, we are proud to be truly woven into the fabric of society.

One more great thing out of Nigeria to the World; FirstBank since 1894!

FirstBank at 125

We are woven into the fabric of society while aiding nation-building, supporting financial and commercial developments in Nigeria and Africa since 1894.


125th Anniversary


130th Anniversary

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